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Mount Silverheels

September 5, 2023

Mount Silverheels | 13,822 feet

9.2 miles; 3733feet elevation gain

Total time: 4 hours 20 minutes

Mount Silverheels has been on my 'want to summit list' for over a year now. I first attempted it in July 2022 and bailed before the steep north spur climb. Since then I have been trying to get back and attempt it again. Despite its easy access and busier general location it is a very quiet mountain, I only ran into 3 people on Labor Day. This is also a hike many people do in shoulder season or winter!

This hike is very straightforward and you can see your objective looming above you for a majority of the route but there are portions with no clear trail so I recommend downloading the .gpx file for safety. It is important to note that the AllTrails route for this mountain is very different to this route and I recommend the route. The first 0.75 miles are on a road, after that you will take a sharp right and head directly up. There is no trail to follow but the objective is clear. There is often moose on the first mile of this hike hiding in the willows so be aware of your surroundings especially with dogs. Once you reach the top of the first ascent you can see the rest of your route clearly. A little over 2 miles in you will turn right off the ridge, there is a series of ascents and descents before you reach the power lines. Cross under the power lines around 12,400 feet and then you will see the 1,100 foot climb to reach the summit ridgeline. There is a surprisingly clear trail for a majority of this section. Once you reach the top of this grueling climb your summit objective is in sight and it is an easy walk to get there.

Coming down you will want to keep an eye on your map for when to drop off the ridgeline and head back to the power lines, it is easy to miss the turn off since it isn't marked. The descent has a few sections where you regain elevation and is fairly exhausting overall. I didn't have the best weather on this day, which didn't help, but this mountain wasn't a favorite of mine. There is a lot of undulating terrain and one strenuous big climb, definitely not an easy route in my opinion. Although, the summit views spanning the entire Mosquito Range are stunning!!

Hike Details:

Trailhead: 2WD. There is plenty of parking available at the top of Hoosier Pass.

Camping: there is a few spots to camp at the top of Hoosier Pass, just behind the parking lot.

Fees & Reservations: none.

Bathrooms: no bathrooms at the trailhead.

Trash: no garbage at the trailhead.

Dog-friendly: this route is dog friendly.

Recent Conditions: see peak conditions.

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