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Epaulet Mountain + Epaulie + Rosalie Peak

June 30, 2024

Epaulet Mountain + Epaulie + Rosalie Peak | 13,537 feet + 13,579 feet

5.5 miles; 1949 feet elevation gain

Total time: 2 hours 50 minutes

Last time I attempted these three mountains it was via the standard route from Deer Creek Trailhead. The snow prevented us from going further than Rosalie that day so the other two were left remaining on my list. This weekend I had 3-day pass for Mount Blue Sky Recreation Area and after studying CalTopo realized I could check these two off my list very easily from there. There is a pull off on the road that you can park in that starts you directly on your route, I got there at 6:30am on a Sunday and there was plenty of parking available along the road nearby.

It is a quick walk, 0.75 miles and 400 feet of elevation gain, to your first summit. Epaulet has absolutely stunning views of the Sawtooth Ridge and Abyss Lake. I was also gifted an incredible inversion over the valley directly south, near Bailey. It is another quick walk over to Epaulie, 0.75 and 200 feet of elevation gain. That would've been too short and easy of a day so I continued along the ridgeline to repeat Rosalie Peak. Rosalie Peak kicked my ass last September and today wasn't any different. I am not sure this is a mountain I will repeat again, but never say never because this was a beautiful ridgeline. From the summit of Epaulie you lose about 400 feet of elevation gain over a mixture of grassy tundra and loose rock. Then you climb 400 feet to the summit of Rosalie on the same terrain. Then you turn around and do it again! Regaining Epaulie was brutal on tired legs but it is a very straightforward route.

This was a really fun and beautiful close-to-home route! I only saw one person on a Sunday morning which was my version of a perfect hike. This is a much shorter and easier way to do these mountains that I highly recommend if you want some peaceful solitude.

Hike Details:

Trailhead: Mount Blue Sky Road - requires a reservation (see below).

Bathrooms: bathrooms nearby at Summit Lake.

Trash: garbage nearby at Summit Lake.

Dog-friendly: this route is dog friendly.

Recent Conditions: see peak conditions.

Forecast: (nearest peak).

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