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A Weekend in Moab

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

Moab is one of my favorite places for a long weekend trip. The beautiful desert scenery is always a nice change from the Colorado mountains! I am going to share some of my experiences and recommendations below, which are all dog-friendly. I hope they help in your trip planning.

Time of Year

Winter is personally my favorite time to visit Moab. It is great time to trade snowy Colorado hiking for desert beauty. While it will still be very cold in the morning and evening, the sunshine during the day keeps the trails clear of snow/ice for the most part. It is also the least busy time there for hiking which I love. However, the downside is the nighttime temperatures. While camping is still doable you probably don’t want to sleep in a tent!

If I want to camp, spring and fall are my favorite times. It is warm during the day but comfortable at night. The trails are all accessible at these times of year but will likely be busier.

I wouldn’t choose the desert during the summer, especially with dogs, because of the high temperatures during the day and lack of water access!


Depending on the time of year or your preferences the options are paid camping, dispersed camping, airbnbs or hotels.

As far as paid camping goes, I love the Ledges Campground. It is along a gravel road about 30 minutes from the town of Moab. It is the furthest out campsite along this road, with multiple sections. The views are absolutely stunning but you will be camping near other people. It costs $15/per night but does have bathrooms and dumpsters. Some sites also have a fire ring with a cooking grate. There is very little shade at most of the sites. In the winter, early spring and late fall (off season) it will likely be quieter. But summer, late spring and early fall will be busy. You may not get a spot there on a weekend unless you arrive early.

If your camping style is more remote and primitive there is a lot of BLM land with dispersed camping in the Spanish Valley area. You will likely see less people here, year round, but you won’t have amenities like bathrooms or garbage. You will also be a little further from hiking access and the town.

Airbnbs are an option but I have struggled to find many affordable options that are dog-friendly. There are many dog-friendly hotels in the town of Moab. They are considerably more expensive during peak season but in the winter they are very affordable. My personal favorite is Quality Suites Moab.


There are SO many amazing hikes in Moab. I am dying to go back because there are still so many I want to do. Here are a few of my ‘must do’ favorites.

Mill Creek Trail. This trailhead is very close to downtown Moab. It is short and sweet but beautiful. There is a waterfall and creek running alongside the trail. It is rare to find water access in the desert so on a popular weekend it will be packed! I recommend going in the off season or for sunrise/sunset.

Corona & Bowtie Arch. While it is probably the most famous and popular trail in Moab, it is that way for a reason and I still recommend it to everyone. It is also fairly short but has absolutely breathtaking arch views and vast desert views. There is a ladder portion to get up and down so make sure your dog is comfortable rock scrambling next to the ladder or being carried up or you won’t be able to make it to the arch.

Jeep Arch. The parking is right next to Corona Arch so you can easily do these hikes back to back and I recommend doing so if you can. It is also a popular trail but less busy overall than Corona Arch. This is my personal favorite arch hike in Moab. It is a stunning loop with amazing views the whole way, you will see arches, vast desert views and mountain views in the distance.

Hunter Canyon. A change of scenery from arches for a canyon hike. It has a creek running alongside parts of it as well as a lot of shade. The views are beautiful as you snake through the canyon! It is near the Ledges Campground so if you camp here it is a must-do. It is a really small parking area so I would recommend it for sunrise/sunset.

Fisher Towers Trail. I think this is my favorite hike in Moab. The views are like nothing I’ve ever seen before. The size of the walls you are walking alongside, the towers at the end and the vast openness in the opposite direction will truly take your breath away. It is another popular hike, for a good reason. However, in the off season I did it for sunrise and saw no one. There are some narrow ledges and a ladder that you will need to carry your dog up/down.


Antica Forma: wood burning pizza, great appetizers & drinks

Milts Stop n Eat: the best burger, onion rings and fries i’ve ever tasted after an 8 mile hike!

Questions? Always feel free to message me on Instagram!

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